OU Improv is the umbrella term for the only two long-form improvisational comedy troupes at Ohio University: Black Sheep Inc. and Six to Midnight. Comprised entirely of Ohio University students and alums (around 17 students per year across both troupes), the troupes rehearse four to six hours a week to present free, unscripted, made-up-on-the-spot comedy to audiences.

Six to Midnight 2011-2012 cast

Black Sheep Inc. 2011-2012 cast

The two troupes present free weekly shows at 9 p.m. Thursdays at Baker Center Theater (each troupe performs for around 45 minutes) and perform informally at 8 p.m. every other Tuesday in the Baker Center Lounge (the two troupes collaborate to perform together). All events are sponsored by Ohio University’s Campus Involvement Center, and our wonderful and talented advisor is Professor Roger Cooper. We are also under the watchful eye of a fantastic Chicago-trained improvisor: Anthony Ellison.

Garnering audiences of around 200 or more each week at their Thursday shows, OU Improv strives to perform top-notch long-form improv comedy. To do so, OU Improv members hone their skills at improv festivals across the state (Ohio State University’s Bellwether Improv Festival; Oberlin College’s Oberlin College Improv Conference) and by inviting professionals to workshop and perform at OU (four iO-trained improvisors as Hunks R UsRare Bird Show‘s Matt Holmes with his show Matt&).

OU Improv is constantly searching for ways to bring more comedy to Ohio University whether it’s having free improv comedy workshops on Saturdays, running team-building exercises for different campus organizations or adding more shows to their line-up, it’s all in the name of comedy and good friends.

Have any suggestions/comments/questions? Email us at ohiouniversityimprov@gmail.com.


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