Meet the individual members of the two troupes of OU Improv: Black Sheep Inc. and Six to Midnight. For the members, OU Improv is their Athens family. Interested in joining this (crazy/loving/terrifying) family for the 2012-2013 season? Check out audition info here. (Photo credit for all the images goes to the ever-talented and wonderful Mary Hautman.

* indicates members of the executive board.

Black Sheep Inc. 

Jessie Cadle* Cadle is a senior, Pittsburgher and current President of OU Improv. This group means the world to her, and this is her fourth year with the troupe (as the one with the most years in OU Improv, people throw canes at her. It hurts both inside and out). A journalism major in the Honors Tutorial College with a minor in political science, she spends the rest of her time editing OU’s fashion magazine, Thread Magazine, as Who What Wear editor, working on her thesis (don’t be jealous), and taking classes at Inhale Yoga Studio (for the first time in her life, she can touch her toes, feel free to give her rewards for such an accomplishment). She is also a freelance contributor for, and spent the past summer writing for The Chautauquan Daily in New York (she spent the previous summer backpacking through Europe … she added that because it brings up her very low cool factor). She doesn’t understand how cars work (how have we progressed so far since the Flinstones?) and she wishes she had days of the week underwear (just like in When Harry Met Sally).

Joe Lalonde* Hailing from rural northwest Ohio, Joe Lalonde is a Senior at Ohio University… Oops, excuse me, I meant to say a SENIOR GOOFBALL! Joe’s signature SIDE-SPLITTING and KNEE-SLAPPING ANTICS have been a staple of Black Sheep, Inc since Fall 2010.  Doctors diagnosed him at birth with an incurable case of the SILLIES!  If LAUGHTER is the best medicine then Joe is a PHARMACIST! WARNING: Side effects may include GIGGLES, PERMANENT SMILE, IMPROVED MOOD, and pain in lower abdomen (FROM ALL THE LAUGHS!!). Joe’s unique brand of COMEDY has been described as a KOOKY cross between classic LOONINESS and cutting edge WISE-CRACKERY! As a WACKY, ZANY, CUTUP, Joe’s NUTTY MADCAP SCHTICK doesn’t just push the envelope, HE THROWS IT! If you’re trying to locate Joe on OU’s campus, here’s a tip, just listen for the LAUGHS!!!!

Ryan Priestle Ryan is a Junior Video Production major. He developed his trademark quick wit™ as a defense mechanism to keep his 5 older brothers from suplexing him through his parents’ light fixtures again. His hobbies include taking shirtless mirror pictures with his phone, and posting said pictures on reddit. Ryan started improv in January 2012, and has been doing standup and acting since 2010. 7¾.




Six to Midnight

Caleb Fullen The following is titled Caleb Fullen: A Biography. It is a collection of facts pertaining to Caleb Fullen: The Person. Caleb Fullen was born in Williamsport Ohio on the fourth of May 1990. He is currently a senior at Ohio University studying Anthropology. Caleb is a member of the OU Improv troupe Six to Midnight. He acts in numerous film projects on and off campus, and will be pursuing a career in film upon the end of his formal education. He likes many things, and dislikes others. Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoy Caleb Fullen: The Person as much as you enjoyed reading Caleb Fullen: A Biography.

Carole Ivan* Carole is a senior and this is her third year with OU Improv! She resides in Troy, Ohio and majors in marketing and management. She was a VIP specialist for the Firefly Music Festival this past summer and got to work behind the scenes with The Black Keys, Lupe Fiasco, John Legend, and others! Her favorite city is Chicago and hopes to move there after graduation. She gets really uncomfortable when people wink at her, cries on instant when she sees miniature things, and has an active profile on Her username is gerbilgirl473.  You may have seen her in previous films “OMG Alexis, Look at Her Butt: The Story of a Plastic Surgery that Went Wrong” and “The Notebook: A Less Popular Film About A Talking Notebook That Wrote Down His Own Jokes and Read Out Of Himself Trying To Make It Big as A Stand Up Comedian But Ended Up Getting Brutally Murdered When A Cat Scratched Out All The Pages.”

Cat Abood* Cat Abood, a Cleveland native, is a senior at OU studying Special Education. Some fun facts about Cat include the following: her middle name is Kirby, like the pink thing in Super Smash Brothers; her order at Chipotle has been the same since she was a pre-teen; when she had a broken arm in first grade she hit a bully in the head with her cast; she bought an Easy Bake Oven when she was 18 because her mom never let her have one as a child. Cat has been doing improv for about three years and loves it more than anything. She hopes to be able to continue performing on stage or on film until she is bed-ridden and senile. Or, maybe she will have a reality show about her at that stage of her life called “CATastrophe.” That was a name pun for you. You’re welcome.

Dan Moore Dan was an old soul when he came into the world as a baby as wrinkled as the old codger down the street. Time slowly catches up with his inner age, in what is now his Senior year at Ohio University. You can catch him napping under the finest of oak trees or enjoying the art of cooking and baking in his kitchen where he loves to spread love quite literally like frosting. After retirement, er, graduation he hopes to chase excitement in the country’s big cities in the fast-paced creative world of Advertising. Until then you can hear his musings and weaving of words not only on the stage with OU Improv but on the mic at Donkey Coffee’s poetry nights.

Kyle Miller Kyle is an audio production major scheduled to graduate at the end of spring quarter 2012. His interests include music, running, and comedy.  Cumulative GPAs: 1998-1999 3.74; 1999-2000 3.67; 2000-2001 3.42; 2001-2002 3.54; 2002-2003 1.68 (Cocaine); 2003-2004 3.53; 2004-2005 3.64; 2005-2006 3.78; 2006-2007 3.85; 2007-2008 3.75; 2008-2009 a perfect 10.0 (Marijuana). After high school Kyle starts a new life with Darlene Cudrow.  Two children and one divorce later Kyle attends Ohio University.  Zandra and Frederick are disappointed in him because he abandoned them.  Kyle was conceived at a Blue Oyster Cult Concert.  “I’m actually 26.”

Patrick White “Patrick White never made it as a wise man. He couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealing Tired of living like a blindman. He was sick of sight without a sense of feeling. And this is how you remind him. This is how you remind him of what he really am. This is how you remind him of what Patrick White really am. It’s not like him to say Patrick White. He was waiting on a different story. This time he’s mistaken for handing you a heart worth breaking and he’s been wrong, he’s been down, been to the bottom of every bottle. These five words in Patrick White’s head scream “are Patrick White having fun yet?” Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no…”

Travis Koury* Travis is an ambitious young chap hailing from Dayton, Ohio. He is a senior studying Urban Planning and been performing with Six to Midnight since 2010. As the current creative director of OU Improv, he feels compelled to yell at interns who bring him horrible tasting coffee. He holds many things dear to his heart: long bike rides, thrift store shopping and texting his mom that he made it home safe. Travis embraces a deep passion for comedic performance and writing. He is honored to be working with the funniest and most charming people he knows. When he was 14, a white water rafting guide told him the meaning of life for a mere $50. Later that day Travis was thrown from his raft and suffered a mild concussion which resulted in short term memory loss. He still searches for that white water rafting guide today, determined to get his money back. Feel free to join him on his quest.


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