OU Improv welcomes Pudding Thank You this weekend

OU Improv is lucky enough to host Pudding Thank You, a troupe of professional Chicago improvisers this weekend (and these four guys perform some of the best, cutting-edge improvisational comedy we have ever seen!!).

Both troupes of OU Improv, Black Sheep Inc. and Six to Midnight, will open for Pudding Thank You at 9 p.m. Saturday December 1 in Baker Center Theater. The best part? The show is FREE (we would love donations, since these guys are pros, but we know what it’s like to be a college kid).

This show is open to students and the community, and we will still have our normal Thursday show this week at 9 p.m. in Baker Center Theater in case you were curious :).

OU Improv first met Pudding Thank You three years ago at Bellwether Improv Festival at Ohio State University. After we saw them perform once, they were one of our favorite troupes of all time, and their workshops over the past 3 years at Bellwether have been transformative for both troupes.

With the help of Ohio University’s Campus Involvement Center, we were able to fund PTY’s trip here, and we will be lucky enough to workshop with them and throw in a free show just for kicks!! Check out the Facebook event, and RSVP today!


Bellwether Improv Festival

OU Improv just returned from a wonderful weekend at the 4th annual Bellwether Improv Festival¬†and would like to thank Ohio State University’s 8th Floor Improv¬†for inviting and hosting us!

We performed Friday evening, and spent Saturday workshopping with professionals from Pudding-Thank-You, Warren, UCB Touring Company, Revolver, and Dumpster. We are so lucky to have had the chance to work with these amazing pros, and it is only making us more excited for when Pudding-Thank-You visits on November 30! Continue checking the site for more details!